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5 Big Companies that Encourage Employees to Sleep at Work

When people feel tired and they don’t get the needed 7 hours of sleep during the night, their performance at works drops and they aren’t capable of completing their daily tasks. Because of this reason, a lot of companies have created special rooms where their employees can take an energizing nap when they feel too tired or overwhelmed. This strategy has proven to be very successful, greatly increasing the productivity and boosting the desire to work of the employees. If you want to find out which are the 5 big companies that encourage their employees to sleep at work by providing them with a comfortable mattress to lie on, read the following lines.

1. Google

Google is definitely the ideal company to work for. They are renowned for their gaming, gym, and relaxation rooms and for the overall pleasant atmosphere that they offer to their employees to keep them happy and productive. In addition, Google offers special pods in the relaxation areas to give their employees a place where they can nap whenever they feel like it.

2. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s are one of the first big companies to adopt the workplace napping policy. The ice cream company features an office nap room for more than a decade. The results of this addition are undeniable, the productivity of their employees rising constantly since the office nap room has been introduced. After all, when employees feel drained, nothing will put them back on their feet like a 15-minute nap on a comfortable, quality mattress.

3. Zappos

Zappos is renowned for the way they treat both their employees and their customers, being very thoughtful and respectful towards people. The workplace napping space addition was expected of them, and it provided impressive positive changes when it came to the mood and willingness to work of the employees.

4. The New York Times

Writing can be very tiring, and you need a rested mind to write a quality article. For this reason, The New York Times has introduced 2 long benches in the building’s relaxation rooms in 2001. The fact that their writers have a place where they can get a short nap, or where they can be alone with their thoughts without any interruptions has visibly increased the quality of their work.

5. Uber

It might sound surprising, but Uber, the ride sharing company, offers nap rooms for their employees. The small focus rooms of the company double as nap rooms, this design increasing the efficiency of the way in which the space in the company is used. Also, it increases the efficiency of the employees, keeping them relaxed and happy.