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5 Essential Elements for a Practical Office Kitchen

When designing an office kitchen, you have to take into consideration the space you have available, the number of people who will be using it, and how practical you want it to be, which is highly important. While some items can be excluded, others are essential and cannot miss from a practical kitchen so you have to know which are these items so you will know what to purchase. We made a list of 5 essential elements that make an office kitchen practical.

The water filter

For the workers to enjoy clean and fresh water at the office, a water filter is a must have. It will remove the impurities usually found in tap water and will guarantee no one will contract a waterborne disease. Whether it’s a counter or an under the sink model, the water filter is one of those items that should be found in any office kitchen.

The coffee maker

Nevertheless, you can’t picture an office kitchen without a coffee maker that will give workers the necessary energy to get ready for the day. Depending on the number of people who will enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, you can opt for a drip coffee maker or an espresso one, both great options that can prepare many cups at a time. Pod models are not recommended because the pods are more expensive and they only make one coffee at a time.

The microwave

People will also have lunch in the office kitchen so a microwave oven will come in handy in preparing or heating their food. Microwave ovens successfully replace stoves and ovens in small kitchens and are more comfortable to use, being compact and efficient. Commercial options are perfect for large office buildings with plenty of workers but smaller offices will do just fine with a regular microwave.

The refrigerator

To keep the food and beverages fresh and cool, you should also equip the kitchen with a refrigerator large enough to fit everyone’s food. Since it will operate around the clock, choose an Energy Star rated model with a low consumption and it’s best to opt for one larger version instead of several smaller ones that would use more electricity.

The dishwasher

Keep the kitchen clean and save everyone the effort of washing the dishes by hand with a dishwasher. Even if the kitchen is small, you can still fit one if you opt for the compact or the drawer version that can be incorporated to the kitchen cabinets.