Small Business Ideas

Bring your hair salon business to the modern world

You are one of the great numbers of people that have entered the hairdressing business. Unlike many others in the hair salon industry, you actually like what you do. Helping people look their best is your cup of tea. The problem is that this business of yours is not doing so great. Try as you might, you aren’t able to create long-lasting customer relationships. Are you the problem? No, the problem is the hair salon that is outdated. Want some piece of advice? Bring your hairdressing business to the modern world. How? To find out the answer, you’ll have to keep on reading.

Invest in a hair salon app

If you want to boost revenue (who wouldn’t?), then you have to invest in a hair salon app. “Have to” won’t seem like such a strong word when you understand just how beneficial it is to use an application of this kind. Salon software isn’t for your clients, it’s for you. What a hair salon app does is empower you to take control of your business. More precisely, you can:  

  • Book and manage appointments
  • Manage clients
  • Monitor and track inventory

It’s important to keep in mind that these are only some of the capabilities of a salon software program. Applications designed for hair salon use are generally advanced, meaning that they offer managers like you the opportunity to solve their problems. If you are not using a hair salon app, you clearly don’t know what you are missing.

Start an email newsletter

Sending out informational newsletters is exactly what your hair salon needs to do. Contrary to popular belief, people like receiving things like videos and interactive content. What they want is to be up to date with the latest news relating to hair and beauty. You have tools of communication at your disposal, so why don’t you use them? Search through your hair salon app for client emails and start a newsletter. Don’t wait for them to come to your salon in order to share the latest trends.

Use social media

You don’t know how to use social media? There is no such thing. Everyone knows how to communicate. The reason why you aren’t able to create strong relationships is that you don’t even try. Basically, you don’t even attempt to communicate with your existing clients, which is a huge mistake. Use social media for your hairdressing business. “What are the benefits?” you ask. Well, you have the possibility of sharing content, engaging with people, and you can keep an eye on the competition. It’s essential for you to understand that not using social media isnt an option anymore.

Stream music

You want your clients to have a good time while they are having their hair cut. If this is the case, use your smartphone to stream music. Nothing creates a pleasant ambiance quite like music. Music is at the same time relaxing and inviting. Thanks to streaming services, you don’t have to go through the effort of downloading music and putting it on a CD. You have all the possible genres a few clicks away.