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Custom Adhesives for Quantifiable Savings


Ask any of the country’s leading adhesive tape suppliers and they’ll tell you exactly the same.  For most businesses, the only aspect of custom adhesive products that puts them off is the price. On one hand, it’s definitely true to say that custom adhesive products are more expensive than generic alternatives.  After all, they are created from scratch in direct accordance with the requirements of the customer. In turn, the initial purchase price is inevitably going to be higher.

Nevertheless, what’s important a factor in is the capacity for the right custom adhesive products to bring the business an extraordinary array of savings.  Savings that might not be apparent at the moment the adhesives are purchased, but could add up to an incredible difference further down the line.  All over the world, manufacturers and a variety of other businesses are making the switch to bespoke adhesives of various types and never looking back.  In fact, just as soon as the savings start to become apparent, you find yourself questioning why you didn’t make the switch many years ago.

Still, better late than never!

So for those interested in making genuine and ongoing savings for the benefit of their business, here’s a brief summary of just a few of the ways a quality custom adhesive can help:

1. It’s Cheaper Than the Alternatives

First of all, it’s probably true to say that whatever joining method you are currently using, custom adhesives are cheaper. Whether using mechanical fixings, welding or anything else to join materials together for any purpose, custom adhesives are uniquely cost-effective a on a join-by-join basis. Which in turn means that you stand to save money with absolutely every join and every product you produce. It’s for this reason that those working in manufacturing environments in particular are revelling in quite extraordinary savings. The more you produce, the more you stand to save by making the switch to a high quality custom adhesive product from a leading manufacturer.

2. It Gets the Job Done Faster

While it doesn’t necessarily constitute a saving in its own right, improving production speeds can be enormously cost-effective. The simple fact of the matter is that if you are able to produce more of something within the same given period of time, it can only benefit your business significantly. Whether it means being able to do more of what you do or simply reduce the time required to meet your quota, it all adds up to significant savings and greater profitability.  For obvious reasons, working with custom adhesive products means joining components and materials together far faster than would otherwise be possible.

3. It Can Produce Better Results

But it’s not only about throwing products together as quickly as possible. These days, the most advanced adhesive products on the market are also just as reliable, durable and generally capable as any other form of joining whatsoever.  In fact, the right adhesive can be even better.  In terms of the strength of the join, long-term resistance to corrosion and the production of lightweight products in general, custom adhesives go over and above the alternative options in just about every way. Which means that along with faster results, you could also benefit from better results in general.

4. It Requires Little to no Training

Particularly if you currently rely on welding or similar joining processes, it is inevitable that you will also need a skilled workforce to get the job done.  Which in its own right may constitute a rather heavy expense for your business.  One of the biggest bonuses of making the switch to custom adhesives is that they can be used by just about anyone, with little to no specific training or experience required. All of which adds up to significant savings on labour, when compared to those associated with more skilled tradesmen.

5. It’s Created Specifically for You

Last but not least, given that the adhesive will be designed and manufactured specifically for your business and your intended purpose, you are looking at a solution that minimises waste. Not to mention, increases the likelihood of flawless results, every time. There have been so many cases where making what seems to be a relatively rudimentary switch has transformed the way business is done like never before. And just as soon as you start ordering and using these kinds of products in relatively large quantities, you discover they aren’t nearly as expensive as you may have initially expected!