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Honda CR-V as a company car – Pros and Cons

Year after year, the Honda CR-V succeeds to remain one of the most popular small SUVs on the American market. And people love to invest in these pieces for various reasons and purposes. And obviously, business persons do love driving these pieces for their work, just as they do driving those for personal use. Many think that these vehicles are just perfect for businesses of all types. And luckily, you don’t have to buy a new Honda in order to benefit from increased quality. You can simply buy used Honda CR-V online and you will still benefit from all the advantages these vehicles bring. Below we have some pros and cons of investing in these vehicles as company cars.


  • Excellent safety scores

The techy driving aids incorporated on this vehicle certainly increase the vehicle’s safety features and this is why not only business persons, but also large families tend to rely on this piece. The safety features that make this vehicle incredible are the automatic braking system and the adaptive cruise control. Also, if you let yourself distracted on the wheel because you have your mind on important business, the Road Departure Mitigation system will make sure to bring your vehicle back on the road.

  • The Honda CR-V has a strong history of reliability

This may be one of the most reliable vehicles, while it can lase easily, if maintained properly somewhere around 300,000 miles. The powertrain has a 60,000 miles warranty, and servicing this vehicle has never been more affordable. This means that this vehicle will cost your company not that much money like other vehicles might.

  • Improved driving dynamics

Easy to drive, the 2017 Honda CR-V brings even more benefits. Easy and fun to drive, your employees will certainly enjoy this piece; will reach their destinations easily and timely. Also, the 2017 model is a breeze to handle. Consider this vehicle as a reliable option for your company’s fleet.


While it is a small SUV, this piece doesn’t offer a reliable hard-core off-road option. But considering the fact that your employees won’t have to get involved in such activities, this vehicle is for sure the best alternative for a company car.

These are some pros and cons of purchasing a Honda CR-V for business purposes. Consider used options as a reliable alternative.