Office Life

How to Control Your Office’s Air Quality

Office air quality is an important matter that must be taken into account when handling the comfort and safety level of the office. If you notice any sign of air quality issues, you must immediately solve the problem before you or a coworker start feeling sick, something that would lower your productivity. Here are some useful tips to help you control your office’s air humidity so you will feel at ease during the working schedule.

Remove air impurities

First of all, you will have to monitor the level of cleanliness in the air. There are many impurities that wander in the office air, coming from all the machines in there, all the people working in the same space, and all the building materials used that release harmful toxins into the air. The easiest way to eliminate all those impurities is to use an air purifier, a device that filters the air and manages to capture the contaminants. Have one installed in each office to allow it to purify the air and help you improve air quality. You will soon sense that the air quality has improved and that you will feel better while at the office.

Eliminate excess moisture

Many offices are affected by mold that is caused by a high air humidity level which might not seem dangerous but it can actually be. High air humidity also affects the air quality and it favors the development of mold that attacks the furniture, walls, and upholstery in your office. Keep it from ruining the aspect of your office and the quality of the air by using a dehumidifier that captures and retains the water vapors from the air. Dehumidifiers are great for adjusting the level of air humidity and they can even handle large spaces like office buildings so you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Opt for a unit with a programmable timer that will allow you to set its working schedule and don’t forget about the humidistat that helps the device reach the right level of humidity. Also, have a look at the top dehumidifiers with pump because these will offer you worry-free dehumidification by evacuating the water on their own.

Add moisture when necessary

A low level of air humidity is also a sign of a poor air quality and it’s something you should pay attention to if you start noticing that you are having troubles breathing or that your skin becomes dry and harsh. Poor ventilation or a very powerful heating system can influence the air moisture and the best solution could be an air humidifier that adds the proper amount of moisture to make the air feel more comfortable for breathing. The air vapors released into the air are not harmful in any way and they will only manage to make the air feel more pleasant and moist.