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How to Find a Reliable Custom Adhesive Product Manufacturer

You would be forgiven for thinking that when it comes to spotting the right 3M preferred tape convertors and adhesive product manufacturers for your company, you would not be really spoilt for choice. After all, nobody would call this a mainstream field the likes of which is turned to by many members of the public, or even most companies, for that matter. Nonetheless, the fact that a bespoke adhesive product is being sought confirms that it’s to be used for an important purpose, in turn ruling out any desire to accept low-quality products.

What is immediately noticeable upon beginning the search for such a company is the way in which there are many more of them on the market than you might have thought. Some of them are established UK companies, some operate from overseas, some are product resellers, some are middlemen and some are only testing the water with something new. Therefore, the kind of performance and output to be expected from one business to the next could vary exponentially, which is indeed why it’s worth to be proactive when it comes to selecting whom to work with.

So assuming you have made the decision to invest in one or more bespoke adhesive products for your own business or brand, what kind of evaluations should you be performing before choosing which provider to go for?

1 – Bespoke Products

First up, it is always a good idea to verify that the supplier in question does in fact provide custom products. The simple truth is that if they do not offer their own bespoke adhesive products for clients, they’re essentially simply selling on the products of other businesses. Suffice to say, this does not exactly bode well with your own requirements as not only will you be not receiving a bespoke product, but you would be also far better off taking your business to the actual company responsible for producing it. Long story short – avoid the middlemen, they will bring you no benefits!

2 – Industry Experience

While it is true to say that experience and time in operation do not alone guarantee outstanding results, perfecting the art of producing stellar adhesive products takes time. Therefore, at the risk of disappointing the talented newcomers, it’s always more reassuring to choose those who have been in business for at least some time. It does not simply come down to becoming better through experience either – this is the type of highly-niche industry where to survive is a challenge in its own right. So if you come across a supplier that is still going strong years after years, chances are you are golden.

3 – Quality Guarantees

It is one thing to say your product is right up there with the industry leaders – it is another to provide concrete evidence and guarantees to back such claims up. For example, things like ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 should be considered as the industry standard – be sure to check for one or both. Additionally, it is really not too much to expect every item you order to be produced and shipped with iron-clad assurances of quality, value for money and performance. If no such guarantees are provided, look elsewhere.

4 – Partner/Brand Affiliation

It is also worth remembering that international giant brands like Bostik or 3M are not the kinds of folks to proclaim their affiliation with and support for just any brand. It takes a firm of a completely higher calibre to earn such kinds of badges of honour, therefore it is always a good idea to search for them when looking for service providers. Affiliation doesn’t in its own right guarantee stellar performance, but it is certainly a sign of trust-worthy provider.

5 – Value for Money

Last up, it is important to realise that there is a very big difference between low prices and genuine value for money. No matter what it is that you need, you will be able to find a supplier somewhere that is going to quote a lower price for the same adhesive products you require. But you need to ask yourself – does that mean the quality and overall package you get will be the same? It is a case of being realistic and proactive, looking for assurances of excellent value for money rather than just those of the lowest prices.