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Mistakes to avoid when you deal with freight shipping services

Believe it or not, according to specialists, freight shipping services are considered the safest alternative for clients, due to the small number of accidents that can occur. Moreover, modern ships are provided with an efficient system that can help them face even the worst weather conditions. And maybe this is the reason why there are a lot of freight shipping companies. But if you have such a company, in order to be successful, there are, however, some mistakes that you have to avoid. Here there are the most important of them.


Don’t hesitate to join a global freight alliance!


The role of such alliance is more important than you think. The first advantage is related to the fact that you are able to access a large list of clients and to improve your portfolio by adding new ones to it. And trust us when we say that if you try to maintain your individuality, you will find out that it would be harder to compete with those who are part of a global alliance.

Don’t forget to ask all the questions!


This principle applies in two situations: when you decide to join a cargo alliance and when you are about to sign a contract with any client. So, in any case it’s highly recommended to be informed. If you feel like something it’s wrong, don’t forget to make things clear from the beginning. For example, a very important aspect is related to the tax you have to pay if you want to be part of a global freight alliance. Maybe you can obtain some discounts or even a free trial if you put the right questions on time.


Don’t miss the annual meeting of the members!


This is not just a simple event. It represents the special opportunity to talk with other members who deal with the same activity as you and maybe a good idea is to learn something from their experience. If you want, you can apply the same strategies as they do, in order to find more clients. On the other hand, you have the occasion to socialise with people and you shouldn’t be afraid of getting bored because we definitely believe that you have a lot in common. Another important aspect which is related to this fact is that you don’t have to pay for anything. Usually, the coordinators are the ones who offer to cover all the spending.


Don’t argue with other members!


Every cargo alliance has a set of rules that you have to respect and the most important of them is related to the fact that you have to find a way of collaborating and communicating with them. This is the reason why, every modern alliance has an efficient online system that helps the members know exactly what happens to their cargo and with the other members’ cargo too.

Don’t let yourself intimidated by other partners!


Ok, it’s true that may be there are some persons who are able to gain more contracts than you do. But don’t feel threatened. They are your partners and it’s a good thing that they don’t represent a direct completion for your business. Try to learn something from them!