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Stage maintenance services – Why all theatre owners should invest in them?


As an owner of a theatre, your main concern is providing high levels of safety for all visitors. Because these are generally quite crowded places, the perspective of an incident is not a pleasant one. Also, owners of such facilities have a moral and legal responsibility for the people coming there. For this reason, stage maintenance services, from stage safety check-ups, to finding a trustworthy stage lifting equipment provider, are more than necessary. For an extended view, we have some reasons why all theatre owners should consider investing in them, below.

Periodic safety inspections

Although when you first invested in your theatre equipment, including suspended one and fire systems they were completely functional, in time, it is normal to deteriorate and gain a series of problems. And even if this is not a general rule, making sure all the equipment is still functional is your duty. Certain companies specialised in providing safety check-ups for stage equipment of all kinds can pay you a visit at established intervals, as well as when installing new equipment for making sure all of it is flawlessly functioning.

Equipment installing services

Equipment installing and testing services are provided by teams of technicians and engineers. They are all specialised in mechanical fields, making it possible for you to reduce potential risks, especially if you are using suspended equipment. Calibrating and certificating it is also relevant, a theatre not being allowed to function without them.

A wide variety of services

Fact is, having a team of specialists of your own, to permanently follow these processes might become a little too expensive. Also, finding a team with experience in all the matters that might interest you is somehow difficult, especially is your theatre is a flexible one and satisfies a series a purposes. Because of that, a third party you are working with exclusively when necessary might prove itself more than useful. For instance, these teams have a great experience in handling acoustic treatments, stage safety inspections and adjustments, scenery fittings, fireproof drape installation and maintenance, screen installation and everything using motorised systems, including suspended equipment. As a result, you cover a large spectrum of tasks hiring a single team, with experts in a variety of matters. This, of course, leads to decreased expenses, and maybe discounts for multiple jobs at once.