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Starquest provides unmatched business fulfillment services

Meeting the needs of customers across the globe by offering 3rd party shipping services and creative logistics solutions, Starquest benefits from extensive knowledge and experience to maintain a leading position in the industry for years to come. All members of the team behind the company share the same commitment to providing dependable, reliable and superior quality services to businesses of all types and sizes. Apart from receiving health benefits, vacation time and a generous salary, they also undergo intensive training conducted by the management team with the purpose of evolving right along with the company. Since privacy and confidentiality represent the number one priority at Starquest (, the advanced technology implemented consists in security software and protection service meant to ensure the handling of customer details with discretion and close attention. This explains why businesses do not hesitate to share sensitive information with the staff.

From the moment it started operating in the transport and logistics industry, the company focused on establishing mutual respect and solid relationships with carriers in order to enjoy very low shipping rates thus impeding customers from spending great amounts of money unnecessarily. Instead, businesses can use that money for other expenditures. Those who choose Starquest services benefit from real-time tracking, climate-controlled storage facilities, accessible support and effective logistics solutions, personal assistance, U.S. based addresses and phone numbers. Choosing to use the Freight Forwarding service offered by this company represents the wisest decision a business owner could make in order to save money, time and frustration. Designed with flexibility in mind, each service comes with a high level of customization in order to meet different needs and requirements.

Competent agents receive, inspect and deliver all packages in order to prevent or identify potential issues in good time. Even more, they take, upload and send accurate and clear photographs to customers for reviewing them while awaiting further instructions, which can refer to forwarding address or special requests like placing the package on hold. Furthermore, Starquest allows choosing the shipping method and carrier freely, not to mention about the Personal Shopper service that comes without additional charge resulting in unmatched services and rates. The only task a customer has is set up an account in order to have control of the packages and deliveries.

Growing a business requires a lot of resources and Starquest wants to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by expanding operations and establishing a strong international presence. For their team, increased business volume does not represent a problem due to the breadth of experience accumulated over the years and the vast space available. Besides the incredible savings on shipping, the company has earned the reputation of providing innovative logistics solutions. For business owners who know when to outsource services, partnering with such a reliable company is a no-brainer decision. The staff of the company stays up to date and know how to use the latest technological advancements in order to improve their operations, apply multiple layers of protection in what concerns customers’ data and turn weaknesses into strengths.