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Which is the best forklift STILL or Doosan

If your daily work implies moving heavy objects, then you need to purchase a forklift to ease the work. But, when it comes to buying a forklift, being it used or new, you know that it requires some specialised insight, because you have to make sure that you buy the most productive and cost-effective machine. Beyond the power source and size, when you select one, you have to evaluate multiple factors, because they will influence the long-term cost and the height at which the machine lifts. With the variety of models available on the market, you may find overwhelming to choose one, especially if you want to buy one from a company like, because they offer products manufactured by the best brands from the market. In case you do not know if you should choose a STILL or Doosan forklift, then below you have complete details about the two brands of forklifts that will help you decide.

Reasons to choose STILL forklifts

It is widely known that German brands are considered some of the best manufacturers of forklifts from the market, so you should include on your list the models provided by STILL. Performance and reliability characterise STILL forklifts, so it does not matter if you buy a used or new one, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality equipment. STILL is considered one of the best forklift truck manufacturers of the world, because it offers a comprehensive range of devices, and it warrantees that every one of their devices is made according to high-quality standards. Major brands as Coca Cola. Volvo, Panasonic and Rolls Royce use the equipment provided by STILL, because it does not offer only reliable devices, but also various models of forklifts, that can be used in different purposes. STILL provides electric forklifts, reach trucks, diesel and gas forklifts, electric pallet trucks, order pickers and many other types of equipment.

Reasons to invest in Doosan forklifts

Doosan forklifts are one of the top choices of customers, because they are reliable and innovative pieces of equipment. These forklifts offer simple but powerful performance. The manufacturer provides a 5 years warranty for every one of the devices. What makes this manufacturer different from the others from the market is that it offers trucks that come with high-standard specification. For example, they come with oil-cooled disk brakes, which means that the buyer will not have to pay for add-ons. They use the latest technology to manufacture their equipment, because their main purpose is to meet the market’s requirements. Doosan is well-known for offering a complex range of modern forklifts that help their customers do their work. British Airways and Eddies Stobart are some of the companies that prefer this manufacturer. Doosan is a great option for the firms who are looking for a functional and powerful forklift, because it offers multiple models of equipment. You can find on sale reach trucks, electric pallet trucks, electric forklifts and gas and diesel forklifts.

These two manufacturers are some of the top choices of famous companies, so if you want to purchase a forklift, you should opt for a model manufactured by them.